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Emotion. Mood. Storytelling.

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I will capture the precious moments in your children's lives in an original reporting style that tells a story.

No posed children in a studio. No artificial lighting. And most of all, no “smile for the camera.”

Just you and your children with their spontaneity, vitality and true selves.

I am a professional journalist and photographer with more than 20 years’ experience at Czech and foreign media.


Prague and the central region; other parts of the Czech Republic by agreement.

Jan Stojaspal


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Family life with small children is an emotional roller coaster full of commotion and stress, but also periods of stability and calm. I will capture one such day for you in a series of images that you will return to time after time.

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Whether your children are celebrating their birthday, starting school or receiving the First Communion, I will provide you with a series of images that capture the emotion, mood and story of this important and special day.

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Are your children passionate athletes, musicians or dancers? Do they have a favorite game? All of these activities are excellent opportunities for creating a series of informal portraits that will catch your little ones in what they like best. 

How the process works

It's very simple! I will spend much of the day with your family to catch the fleeting moments of your children's lives.

If I photograph a day with the family, I will want to be there when your children eat breakfast, become absorbed in play, tease siblings or visit with grandparents.


If I photograph your special day, I will arrive early to capture both the preparations and the event itself.

We will discuss the project beforehand, and you receive the finished product electronically. 

The price will depend on the number of hours spent photographing and distance traveled.

I like the authenticity and naturalness of Jan’s photographs. They excel at catching the mood of the moment but also have a strong artistic concept. 

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Adela Blahova, Prague

How often do I regret that there is no one to photograph me with my children during some especially sweet and memorable moment! And how often do I destroy the moment myself by reaching for the camera phone! That is why it was so great to try Jan's "reportage" style of shooting. He got along with the children, they did not feel constrained, they were happy to play, walk and have fun. Not for the camera, which they quickly forgot about, but for themselves. The resulting images were not just photographs, they were memories that told a story. 

Jan has been taking pictures of our family for a couple years. He does what I've never been able to find in other professional photographers: captures our family in real moments, as I think we really are. Amazingly, he seems to capture some of the most memorable and meaningful moments that I often miss myself. More than any other pictures we have, these are the ones I expect to look back on with my kids when we want to remember old times.


Will Bennis, Prague


Maria Murzha, Moscow

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